AGTV Presents “Ghost Stories”

To all you ghosts and goblins looking to get your shivers on:  We could NOT be more excited about this year’s Halloween show!  We have an all-star cast of FANTASTIC freaks guaranteed to amuse, frighten, and keep you up at night.  Megan Sukys tells about a gift sent to her son – from beyond the grave!  Willie Weir delivers a heart pounding remembrance of a night alone in a tent in the middle of a war torn El Salvador!  And, making her spectacular return to the big stage, Jeannie Yandel explains why a ouiji board is not, not, NOT a toy!  These, and three more stories of pulse-pounding excitement are not to be missed.  If you go to only one show this year, go to this one – it may be your last!

The terror begins at 8:00pm on Tuesday, October 29th at the big room on the Theater Off Jackson.

Go to to reserve your tickets!