AGtV Presents: “Faking It” – 4.5.11

The acting teacher Constantin Stanislavski taught his students that physical action is inherently linked with emotion. And because of that link, actors can use physical actions to access emotions. For example, an actor may not feel sad, but she can hunch over and hold her head in her hands. And if she focuses on the physicality of crying, then soon enough, she’d actually feel sad enough to really cry. In other words, Stanislavski was a big proponent of “fake it till ya make it”.

AGtV presents true, first-person stories about faking it and the consequences of faking it (sadly, not everyone “makes it”). If you think you’ve got a story for this show, drop us a line at Advance tickets available via Brown Paper Tickets; seats $10 the night of the show. See you Tuesday, April 5th!